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Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, IFoA, Membership for International Students

Published on: 25 Jan 2016

International membership

There are an ever increasing number of international members joining the IFoA each year. 58% of our student membership is international, which shows the dynamic and varied membership body that you can join.

Why join the IFoA?

There are a number of different professional actuarial bodies around the world. Below are a number of different reasons why you should consider the IFoA as a serious contender.

Exams - you can take the exams anywhere - with 165 exam centres around the world.

Recognition – the IFoA qualifications are globally recognised.

Mutual recognition – as a qualified actuary with another actuarial professional body you can transfer into the IFoA through a mutual recognition agreement – the agreements vary, so it is to look at our website to understand the requirements of the agreement.

Kudos – it is not a qualification that will be simple to achieve but the recognition of your achievement within the industry will be high.

Reward – due to the level of responsibility actuaries have in their jobs and also working through a professional qualification the rewards throughout your career are substantial.

Network – with such a huge variety of members based all over the world, it is a fantastic opportunity to meet with like-minded people with common interests and goals.

Opportunity – there are fantastic opportunities for international actuaries to make their mark within the industry.

What does the IFoA offer me?

The IFoA offers international students exactly the same benefits as UK members; from CPD opportunities and events, to member interest groups, newsletters, discussion groups and international visits from our executive and presidential teams.

How easy it is for international students to gain work in the UK?

Once your university course has officially finished, you can work for up to four months or until your Tier 4 visa expires. If you wish to take a permanent full-time job in the UK after your course, you will need to change your visa status. You will only be able to do this once your final degree result has been formally confirmed by the university. Getting a job in the UK is not easy; however, opportunities are available to those considering an actuarial career. It is worth noting that not all actuarial employers will be able to take on international candidates, this is usually stated in their application forms or web pages.

Work permits are issued by the Borders and Immigration Agency, which is part of the Home Office. Work permit applications can only be made by employers based in the UK who wish to employ people from outside the European Economic Area. Individuals are not able to make applications on their own behalf.

Contact details:

Are there people I can talk to that can give me advice?

Career Ambassadors – are working actuaries at all levels of qualification that can advise you on what it is like to work as an actuary, what the working environment is like and what a move might be like if you are transferring to another country.

You can contact an advisor by emailing


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